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Why do patients with Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer (NMSC) choose Rhenium-SCT®?

In this interview, a patient tells us her reasons. Ms. Dahlenburg was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma last autumn and initially surgery was recommended to her.

However, she found out by chance that there is a painless alternative to surgery, the Rhenium SCT®. Here she describes her experience with the innovative therapy:


Ms Dahlenburg, was this the first time you were diagnosed with NMSC?

Yes, I noticed a little abnormality about 5 years ago, at which time it looked like a small pimple. It was not classified as a tumour at that point, however, the spot has become bigger over the years. Last autumn, my dermatologist diagnosed me with basal cell carcinoma and recommended surgery, possibly with a skin graft.

Did you then specifically look for an alternative?

No, I happened to see an article in the newspaper. Afterwards I contacted the practice and found out more. Then I took the information to my dermatologist, who was surprised. She had never heard of the therapy before.

Were you afraid of the results?

No, I felt very positive about it. The patient information provided and the discussions with Dr. Holle's team helped me a lot.

You have only state insurance, so you had to pay for the therapy yourself. What was the deciding factor that led you to opt for this method?

Because of the area left above my lip and the size of more than 2cm², I preferred a therapy that offered a scar-free result and does not require any incisions or skin grafts on the face.

Did you feel well looked after and informed by Dr. Holle‘s team beforehand?

Yes very well, I was pleasantly surprised. They also helped me with my application for an individual exemption cost coverage with my health insurance company.

You travelled all the way from Neuruppin to Hanau; how did the whole therapy day go for you?

I arrived by train the day before. On Friday morning at 10.00 am we started at the office. The area was taped off and afterwards the paste with the radioactive particles was applied. Then I had to wait about two hours and let the activity take effect. I didn't feel much from the therapy. Everything was very relaxed.

How did you feel directly after the treatment and what changes did you notice at the affected area over time?

Initially the old skin gradually came away. It looked a little like sugar / salt crystals formed and then fell off. After a few weeks, scabs formed and then smooth skin, slightly lighter than the surrounding skin. During this whole time I had no pain.

What was your aftercare for the affected area?

I was able to continue doing everything as before. I paid a little more attention to sun protection. My dermatologist monitored the area for the first 12 months after the treatment.

Would you recommend the therapy to other patients?

I would recommend the therapy without any doubts. I have already discussed it with some of my old colleagues.