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188W/188Re Generator

Not for Human Use.


The elution yield of rhenium-188 is 75-85 %, and it remains stable throughout the shelf-life of the generator.

Set up

  • The 188W/188Re generator must be eluted with sterile 0,9 % saline solution only.
  • The maximum time for the 188W/188Re generator to be left uneluted is three (3) weeks.

Typical 188W/188Re generator elution profile


Column material Aluminium oxide (Al2O3) packed in quartz glass column
Eluent Sterile 0.9% saline solution
Chemical form Sodium perrhenate (Na188ReO4)
Appearance Clear and colorless solution
Elution volume 5-14 ml (with small volumes not completed elution)
Elution yield 75-85%
Radiochemical purity >98% Re(VII)
Tungsten breakthrough 188W <0.01% in relation to 188Re at calibration time
Total gamma impurities <0.01% in relation to 188Re at calibration time
Shelf-life 10 months
Specific activity Product is carrier free
Generator size (nominal 188W activity) 3.7-150 GBq
Generator dimensions Diameter 145 mm, height 210 mm
Generator weight 16 kg
Interface Standard Stainless steel needles for elution with evacuated vials. On request: Tubings with Luer-Lock connectors (inlet female, outlet male)
Further Information

Tungsten Rhenium generator brochure