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Mini blog: Most Australians Fail to Undergo Yearly Skin Checks, According to Recent Research

Skin cancer is a serious issue in Australia, with one Australian dying from melanoma every six hours1. Early detection is crucial for successful treatment, but new research from OncoBeta reveals that over half of Australians have not had their skin checked by a health professional in the last two years, and three in 10 have never had a skin check2. This is concerning because ignoring changes in the skin or avoiding professional checks can lead to cancer growth and potentially become life-threatening.

OncoBeta's research found that successful removal of non-melanoma skin cancers was extremely or very important for 97% of Australians diagnosed with NMSCs, followed by fast recovery (90%) and a quick and easy procedure (88%). Furthermore, more than three-quarters of NMSC patients deemed painless procedures (77%) and good aesthetic results (76%) as extremely or very important, with 73% valuing non-invasiveness2.While surgery or a combination of surgical and non-surgical treatments are currently used for NMSCs, the survey found that patients want painless, non-invasive, and aesthetically pleasing treatments2. Dermatologists, skin GPs, and other skin specialists offer a broad variety of treatment options to match the different preferences of their patients and provide high medical efficacy. In the last decade, several innovative treatments have been developed and found their way into the treatment portfolio that patients can choose from together with their doctors. For example, modern focused methods have been developed to apply classical radiation beam therapy and improve the protection of surrounding healthy tissue. Another example is the Rhenium-SCT, which is a highly precise, personalized, and non-invasive approach for non-melanoma skin cancer.

OncoBeta is currently running a public health campaign called "The Spot Detective," which encourages Australians to visit a skin-health specialist, dermatologist, or GP to assess their spots and learn about the available treatments. The campaign includes free pop-up clinics in various locations. Follow our social media channels to get latest news about next locations:

Therefore, Australians should prioritize annual skin checks as part of their overall health regimen because regular skin checks are vital for early detection and successful treatment. To learn more about the campaign and find a location near you, visit


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