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First non-melanoma skin cancer patients treated with the Rhenium-SCT® in Austria

Vienna, Austria, 28 October 2021: OncoBeta® GmbH, a medical device company specialized in innovative epidermal radioisotope therapies for non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSCs), is pleased to announce the launch of its non-invasive skin cancer therapy Rhenium-SCT® (Skin Cancer Therapy) in Austria. Austria represents an important milestone in the development of OncoBeta’s growing global distribution network.

The global incidence of non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSCs) continues to rise, with more than 7 million NMSC cases reported globally each year.1. Austria has been ranked as 15th in the incidence of non-melanoma skin cancer in the world. 2

The Rhenium-SCT® is a painless*, non-invasive procedure, providing unparalleled aesthetic results, even in cases otherwise considered difficult to treat.3,4,7 Rhenium-SCT® is an epidermal radioisotope therapy that is ideal for the targeted treatment of superficial skin cancers. It uses the localised and direct cell-killing effect of beta-radiation to trigger the death of cancer cells and local reactions of the immune system for the body to repair itself.3,5-7

On 21 October, Professor Siroos Mirzaei and his clinical team from Clinic Ottakring, have applied the first Rhenium-SCT® therapy in Vienna.

Head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine, Professor Mirzaei, says, “I’ve been working in the field of nuclear medicine for over 20 years. The non-invasive local treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer with Rhenium-188 is a great alternative treatment option we now have available for the first time in Austria. This treatment has been shown to improve patient outcomes and their quality of life. The treatment will be performed in tight cooperation with our Department of Dermatology.”

OncoBeta® CEO Shannon D. Brown III says, “With thousands of patients already treated with Rhenium-SCT® around the world, we are excited to now be offering our ground-breaking  treatment to patients in Austria, as part of our commitment to improving the quality of life and treatment options for skin cancer sufferers worldwide.”

Rhenium-SCT® will be provided to patients in Austria by OncoBeta’s distribution partner, DSD Pharma.

OncoBeta’s Rhenium-SCT® is currently available in Australia, South Africa, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and now Austria as part of its planned global roll-out.

Measurement Station being used