Scientific exchange with health care professionals around the globe is crucial for OncoBeta®´s mission to provide an innovative state-of-the art therapy to NMSC patients worldwide. Therefore, OncoBeta® is present and actively involved at numerous international conferences throughout the year. If you will also be attending one of the scientific conferences listed below and would like to talk to us, come by at our booth or contact us to make an on-site appointment.

Upcoming Events

Postponed – Berlin, Germany

June 5th -7th – Cape Town, South Africa

July 26th -29th – Cape Town, South Africa

August 27th -30th – Pretoria, South Africa

September 4th -6th – Cape Town, South Africa

September 9th -12st – Nürnberg, Germany

October 13th -14th – Cape Town, South Africa

5th World Dermatology and Aesthetics Congress

October 17th -21st – Vienna, Austria

Previous Events

October 12th -16th – Barcelona, Spain
September 11th -14th – Ludwigshafen, Germany
29. Deutscher Hautkrebskongress

Meet us at booth #24

June 10th- 15th – Milan, Italy
May 1st- 4th – Berlin, Germany
April 4th/5th – Vienna, Austria
February 7th- 9th – Ottawa, Canada
Annual meeting of the Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine (CANM)

Sunrise Symposium “Radionuclide therapy and Skin Cancer: Focus on Re-188” on Saturday 9th February