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Rhenium-SCT Rostock Trial results to be presented at EANM

This year the last patient in the Rhenium-SCT Rostock Trial had his final, 12 month follow up visit at the University Clinic in Rostock

The team from the nuclear medicine department will present the results of this prospective single arm phase 4 study for the first time to the nuclear medicine community

Visit the OncoBeta Satelite Lunch Symposium on the EANM (1:15pm-2:15pm, Hall 212)

Chairman: Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Siroos Mirzaei, MBA (Chief of department of Nuclear medicine at the Ottakring hospital, Vienna)


Dr. Martin Heuschkel (University Clinic of Rostock, Department of Nuclear Medicine

Dr. Jens Kurth (University Clinic of Rostock, Medical physics expert)

Prof. Julia Tietze (University Clinic of Rostock, Department of Dermatology)


  • Non-melanoma skin cancer and the potential of using rhenium-188 for treatment
  • Presentation of study results from the Rostock Trial
  • Practical Demonstration of Rhenium-SCT®
  • Radiation protection in case of high energy beta emitter rhenium-188

You will find us on booth 88 at the industry exhibition