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New Non-Invasive Keloid Treatment using Rhenium-188 now available in South Africa

Province of Gauteng South Africa is first to offer an innovative single session keloid treatment without need of surgery 

Tuesday 4th May, 2021 

Garching n. Munich, Germany / Gauteng, South Africa – OncoBeta® GmbH, a commercial stage Medical Device Company specialized in innovative epidermal radioisotope therapies, announced today that the new Rhenium-188 treatment for keloids is now available in Gauteng, South Africa. 

Even though keloids are common throughout the world, their epidemiology has not been adequately investigated. The development of Keloid scars is not only a cosmetic issue but also sometimes painful or limit mobility and may cause deterioration in the quality of life. The incidence of Keloids in South Africa is very high. According to research in Nigeria, Zambia & South Africa have shown incidence rates are as high as 16% (over 9 million). Some skin types are more prone to Keloids than others, but all can be affected.  

Severe cases of Keloids are usually treated by surgery followed by radiation and the prolonged daily use of corticosteroid tape/bandages; however, they tend to recur when they are surgically excised in the absence of adjuvant therapies. 

The new Rhenium-188 therapy is now available for Keloid sufferers in South Africa and will be provided by Oncobeta’s distribution partner Tautomer (PTY) LTD. This next-generation radionuclide therapy technology applied by nuclear medicine physicians, offers a new single session, painless and effective treatment for keloids. This technology has also been used successfully to date for the treatment of Non-Melanoma skin cancers. 

Martin Magwaza, CEO of Tautomer (PTY) LTD also Oncobeta®’s distribution partner for the Rhenium-SCT® (Skin Cancer Therapy) in Africa, is dedicated to providing South Africans with new innovative and effective therapies across the country and African continent, coordinating with representatives from all levels of government and state for the health care landscape. 

CEO and Managing Director of OncoBeta® GmbH, Shannon D. Brown III stated “Our ground-breaking technology brings a fantastic new treatment opportunity for people suffering from keloids. It also shows what great potential Rhenium-188 has in the epidermal treatment realm.” 


About Rhenium-188 treatment 
The Rhenium-188 paste is a brachytherapy utilizing the Beta emitter radioisotope Rhenium-188 for epidermal treatments. Rhenium-188 is an isotope with excellent therapeutic advantages that delivers ß-radiation to lesions and minimum dose to the surrounding tissue due to its low penetration in the human tissue (only up to 2-3 mm). 
The Rhenium-188 epidermal radioisotope therapy is a painless, personalized, non-invasive therapy targeting and destroying the cells in the area needed to treat. This triggers the treated area to discard defective cells and initiate local immune system reactions letting the body repair itself.


About Tautomer (PTY) LTD  

Tautomer is a privately owned, fully integrated Health Technology company based in Centurion, South Africa. Through our network of strategic partners, we engage in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of high-quality Nuclear Medicine based therapies and diagnostics. Tautomer has an extensive pipeline of product candidates under development for various therapeutic indications. The primary focus of Tautomer is to address the unmet medical needs in Oncology, Pain Management, Infectious diseases. Also leveraging scientific and technological advancements to develop solutions that can help expand treatment options for healthcare practitioners and patients in Africa and beyond. 

Find out more about Tautomer at tautomer.co.za;

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