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First patients registered into OncoBeta’s International Registry for Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer treatments

The International Registry is an observational, multicentre, non-interventional program for patients diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC), to inform treatment outcomes and patterns of care at international hospitals.


Garching b. Munich, Germany – OncoBeta® GmbH is pleased to announce that the first patients have registered into the world-first International Registry that is capturing data-driven treatment results for NMSC treatments.


The first-of-its kind International Registry was launched by OncoBeta via specialist health solutions partner Avion Medical in November 2021 to collect real-world patient data for three mainstay treatments of NMSC. Its goal is to identify optimal methods of treating the disease that can be applied internationally.


The International Registry is an easy-to-use platform for physicians and will capture data observing how treatments and innovative approaches influence long-term patient outcomes. The Registry also has an important focus on patient-reported outcomes such as quality of life and comfort of treatment.


The first patients have been recorded into the online registry that follows the treatment journey, from the initial disease assessment to treatments and ongoing assessments. Not only that, but there is an opportunity for patients to contribute their feedback and record their experiences via a questionnaire that includes impact on quality of life as well as comfort score through the OncoBeta WeBe mobile app.


Dr Gerhard Dahlhoff, Medical Director at OncoBeta, says, “To date, no unified reportage on NMSC and its treatments is available to the international medical community. The Registry aims to rectify this shortfall in our understanding of the disease treatment. The WeBe app has been designed so it is easy to use for the patient and the physician, which is critical in ensuring participation and the delivery of robust data. The patient data collection will provide key insights from the patient’s perspective about their treatment and the disease.”


An international committee made up of multi-disciplinary clinicians from South Africa, Australia, Italy and Germany is leading the data collection and outputs of the registry. Paolo Castellucci, Nuclear Medicine Physician at S. Orsola, Bologna, and chairman of the International Registry, says, “I’m excited to be involved in an International Registry that will be the first to capture robust, long-term data that will reveal patterns of care, identify which treatment provides the best long term outcomes for patients.”


Shannon D Brown III, CEO at OncoBeta GmbH, says, “We are thrilled to see the first patients being registered in the International Registry. By working with clinicians around the world, the Registry will draw from a larger sample size to identify important insights and establish best practices in the treatment of NMSC.”


Participation in the International Registry for Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Treatment is by invitation only. Physicians that would like to become part of the Registry and offer Rhenium-SCT treatment at your centre, contact [email protected]