Shannon D. Brown III Appointed New Managing Director of OncoBeta GmbH

Garching b. Munich, Germany, (July 25, 2017) – OncoBeta GmbH has announced today that its board of directors has unanimously chosen Shannon D. Brown III as the organization’s new Managing Director. Brown, who currently serves as OncoBeta International’s vice president of global business development, will take over duties as of 01 Sep. 2017.

“The board is extremely pleased that Brown has accepted this unique and challenging task,” said Udo J. Vetter, chairman of the OncoBeta board of directors. “Shannon has a long track record of strong leadership with over 30 years’ experience in the medical field. This combined with his deep industry knowledge makes Shannon exceptionally qualified to lead OncoBeta GmbH together with Dr. Thomas Wendler successfully into the future.” Brown will take responsibility of commercial activities, personnel and strategy with Dr. Wendler leading the technical and R&D divisions. “The two are the optimal team to bring OncoBeta GmbH and the Rhenium-SCT® to the next level” says Vetter.

“I’m honored, and I’m grateful to the board for the opportunity to lead this exceptional organization of creative, dedicated and talented professionals,” said Brown. “There are currently over 3 million new non-melanoma skin cancers being reported globally each year, with the Basal cell carcinoma being the most common skin tumor. We offer an innovative, customized, single-session and painless therapy for non-melanoma skin cancer patients that achieves extremely aesthetical results. The Rhenium-SCT® (Skin Cancer Therapy) will make an impact on the worlds view on how Non-Melanoma Skin cancer will be treated in the future. This is a terrific opportunity that any leader would welcome.”

Brown, 54, studied emergency medicine at the US Army Academy of Health Sciences in Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. Having had various assignments throughout the world where he managed field aid stations as well as medical clinics. After 10 years’ military service, he focused his career on the pharmaceutical industry where he has held various commercial and business development positions with national and global organizations. He and his wife Karin of 26 years, have one daughter and one grandson.

About the Rhenium-SCT® (Skin Cancer Therapy)

The Rhenium-SCT® is a non-invasive, painless therapy generally providing for unparalleled aesthetic results, even in cases otherwise considered difficult to treat. The Rhenium-SCT® utilizes the radioisotope Rhenium-188 in an epidermal application with optimal properties for the treatment of NMSCs (non-melanoma skin cancers). Due to the specially designed devices and accessories the Rhenium-SCT® compound never comes in direct contact with the patients’ skin and the application is safe and simple for the applying physician. Most cases of non-melanoma skin cancers (Basal Cell Carcinomas and Squamous Cell Carcinomas) can be treated using the Rhenium-SCT® with a single application, applied in one single session. Scar-free healing of the treated lesion area and the regeneration of healthy tissue occurs usually within a few weeks after treatment.

About OncoBeta® GmbH

OncoBeta® GmbH with its headquarters located at the Garching Technology and Founders Center GATE near Munich, is a privately held medical device company, specializing in the development and commercialization of state-of-the-art, innovative therapies utilizing epidermal radioisotope applications. Since its foundation, OncoBeta® GmbH has concentrated its efforts on the development, regulatory approval(s) and commercialization of the epidermal radioisotope therapy Rhenium-SCT® (Skin Cancer Therapy), targeting non-melanoma skin cancers. Since then, OncoBeta® has successfully perfected the customized application and device management system in conformity with all health, safety, and environmental protection regulatory standards. OncoBeta® GmbH is European CE certified and has filed for regulatory approval in several other countries outside the EU.

Furthermore, having the patient in focus, OncoBeta® is enthusiastically working with medical, scientific and industrial partners as well as local and national authorities to make this personalized, painless and non-invasive therapy accessible to patients all over the world. The Rhenium-SCT® significantly improves outcomes and the quality of life of non-melanoma skin cancer patients.

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