OncoBeta Receives Eurostars Grant

We are happy to announce that OncoBeta® GmbH Germany, Leiden University Medical Center Netherlands and Metaoptima Technology Inc. Canada have received the eurostars SkinHeal Grant. The three-year grant of 2,515,230.00 Euros for Medical device technology (instrumentation, medical imaging, radiology) development. The long-term goal is to heal the most common skin cancers (non-melanoma, NMSC) with a non-surgical approach.

SkinHeal delivers a new therapeutic device for NMSC with an integrated management system for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. Providing a personalizedbeta-particle emitting patch-like plaster and modify existing products of MOT to assist diagnosis and monitor the therapy using the scintillating properties of the patch. Thus, we document and assist the complete evolution of an NMSC.

The Eurostars program is a funding and support program, aimed at R&D-performing SMEs that wish to exploit the benefits that come with international collaboration.

Eurostars is a European joint program, co-funded from the national budgets of 36 EUREKA countries and by the European Union through Horizon 2020. Eurostars has been carefully developed to answer to the specific needs of the R&D-performing SMEs, and targets the development of new products and services, giving easier access to international markets, thanks to the transnational nature of each project consortium.