188W/188Re Generator

Production of high-energy beta emitting rhenium-188

Product Overview

The OncoBeta® 188W/188Re Generator is based on an alumina column. The longer-lived mother radionuclide 188W is adsorbed on the column material while the daughter radionuclide 188Re is selectively eluted from the generator with sterile isotonic solution as sodium perrhenate (Na188ReO4).

Use Cases

The 188W/188Re Generator can be used for radiolabelling reactions or directly as a high dose liquid radioactive source. Not for human use.

Main Features

Available in different sizes upon request up to 150 GBq (4 Ci) 188W

High activity concentration > Up to 9 GBq/ml


Column materialAluminium oxide (Al2O3) packed in quartz glass column
EluentSterile 0.9% saline solution
Chemical formSodium perrhenate (Na188ReO4)
AppearanceClear and colorless solution
Elution volume5-14 ml (with small volumes not completed elution)
Elution yield75-85%
Radiochemical purity>98% Re(VII)
Tungsten breakthrough188W <0.01% in relation to 188Re at calibration time
Total gamma impurities<0.01% in relation to 188Re at calibration time
Shelf-life10 months
Specific activityProduct is carrier free
Generator size (nominal 188W activity)3.7-150 GBq
Generator dimensionsDiameter 145 mm, height 210 mm
Generator weight16 kg
Interface StandardStainless steel needles for elution with evacuated vials. On request: Tubings with Luer-Lock connectors (inlet female, outlet male)

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